libmaterial - Making Material Files

Material * material_new();

This returns a pointer to a blank material.

void material_free(Material * mat);

Deletes a material

void material_add_path(const char * path);

Adds a path where .mat and images files will be searched for.

Material * material_load(const char * name);

Loads a material from disk.

Material * material_edit(const char * name);

Same as material_load, but material_edit does not discard the parse tree of the .mat file. This allows material files to be reconstructed exactly.

Material * material_edit_str(const char * matfile);

Instead of loading a .mat file off of disk, use the string provided.

void material_save(const Material * mat, const char * filename);

If a material file was loaded with material_edit, reconstruct the .mat file and save it to disk.

void material_gl_use(Material * mat);

Change the texture, etc. in OpenGL to the specified material.

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